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Renovation for Compassion Distribution Center

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Give $5 to help the Community of Compassion CDC build the Compassion Food Distribution Center which is going to be open 6 days a week to provide free nutritious food (fruits & vegetables) to the community. The building is approximately 1,800 square feet. We would like to upgrade the space into a facility that can accommodate the larger volume of food donations and distribution in a safe and efficient manner. Renovations and alterations would include some of the following:1) Commissary kitchen to prepare food for the food truck to include cooking equipment, exhaust hood, prep sinks, hand sinks, washing sinks; 2) Shelving for dry goods; 3) Walk in freezer and cooler; 4) Work area for receiving and packaging food items; and more.

Renovations supported by our partners would allow us to meet the greater need of the community and enhance the facilitation and coordination of program activities, including providing program participants with better access to fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. The Compassion Food Distribution Center plans to be open by April, 2022.